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There are several ways people see health. Some like a strong body, some are concerned about not having extra fat, some are all about counting calories, colon cleansing, exercising etc. There are many things that can be done in order to enhance the health status, but there are also some hidden dangers. This is especially emphasized when using some of the herbal and medical supplements.

Side effects

When it comes to side effects, those are more or less expected from medications. But there are also herbal supplements that might induce some negative effects. One of those is Senna. It is a herb that is mostly used as a laxative for those who have a problem with bowel movements. So, are there are any Senna side effects? Well, not exactly, there is nothing particular that will happen during the period while Senna is used. But, when that period is over, there is one thing that might be a problem and that is constipation- again! This means that the digestion tract has become used to the effect of Senna and it became lazy without it. This is why Senna should not be used for more than a week or perhaps ten days most.


So, are there any natural ways to increase the effectiveness of the digestion tract? The most important thing might be boosting of the basal metabolism, which is done in several ways and one refers to increasing the physical activity. Physical activity simply activates the entire body, replenishes the needed energy and it is an excellent thing to do for enhancing more or less all systems in the organism. Another thing that should be done is eating control. Simply explained, dense food eaten in large amounts is perfect for constipation. Eating healthy means that there should be 5 meals in a day. Only one should contain rather large amount of food and that is breakfast. Breakfast might also have the highest value of calories. This is because there is the entire day after the breakfast and in that time, the mentioned calories will be spent. Actually, eating should be done every couple of hours. This will keep the digestive tract always active. Excluding breakfast, all meals should contain moderate or small amounts of food that will be easy to process. Also, healthy food must be used only. A lot of veggies and fruits should create most of the meals. In addition, water should be taken as much as possible, because it also eases the digestion process.

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