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Using herbs is one of the things people do in order to regain and maintain their health, for as long as human civilization exists, herbs have always been a vital and constant element in the menu, if nothing else, at least as some sort of flavor. Today, elements from herbs are used in both food and medical industry. Of course, as with most of the other things, finding a proper product is not easy, the one that has enough of the active herbal elements. This means that whatever is purchased, the final effect might not be what a person actually wanted.


So, what are those interesting herbs that might be very helpful for us? There are hoodia, acai berry, gingko biloba, damiana, Senna and some more popular such as chamomile. Of course, when it comes to herbs, the widely used group includes veggies and fruits, but those are common and essential things, and we want to talk about the exotic ones. So, damiana is definitely one of those less known herbs. It has many positive effects on the human body, but it can be said that boosting energy and libido just might be its most important roles. It also helps with some minor problems like mild constipation, coughing, prostate issues etc.Damiana

So, what are damiana side effects? Well, one of those that might be the most problematic is intestinal issue. Actually, helping with constipation, the situation might go to the extreme, when a person starts having problems with diarrhea. In some situation, when a person stops taking damiana for constipation, constipation returns because the intestines have gotten used to have some sort of help.

Actually, this is the main problem of some of these herbs. Their effect in some area is so powerful that the organism starts relying on them to perform some functions properly and effectively. Once a person stops using those herbs, the organism simply cannot perform those functions the way it should, and then the problem emerges. This is why it is always recommended to consult a doctor before taking any of those herbs. But here is another problem. Since it is not a part of the modern, Western medicine, many doctors actually do not even know much about these herbs and thus they might give wrong advice. This is why people have to use alternative sources of information regarding these alternative healing methods, and internet is definitely one of the best info sources. Of course, seeking people who have already been using the wanted herbal product and listening to their experience is also a very smart thing to do before venturing into the world of herbs.

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