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There are many ways in which health can be attacked and unfortunately, there are so many small things we are not able to fight off, things that after a long period may endanger even our life. Eating is something that might be the cause of many medical issues, both big and small ones.


Food is something we definitely need in order to survive and function normally, but this is exactly where many people make mistakes. This does not happen because people want that, but because of what people are offered, and in most cases, it is not much healthy, if at all. What does this mean? What is the magic formula for eating healthy? The answer is in the healthy food. People do not know the basic facts, such as this one – 10 apples have the same calorie value as one chocolate. Can someone have his stomach full with one chocolate? Of course not, but that will definitely happen after two or three apples. It is obvious which option is healthier and which one should be applied in the menu. There should be as many meals in a day as possible, at least 5. Of course, the amount of the food eaten in this schedule is reduced. Water should be used as much as possible.


If this type of eating is not used, there are certain problems that might happen. Constipation is one of those problems that might create a lot of difficulties for a person. So, what are the options? Do you really need fiber for constipation relief? Well, fibers will help, but there are also some other things to do. One of those is boosting the basal metabolism. This can be achieved with regular can intensive physical activity. And of course, what is the better way of reducing food in intestines than using it for much needed energy in exercising process? Also, changing a diet is definitely needed. Dense and solid food should be reduced as much possible, at least for a while. Water must be used in large quantities and it will literally flush out the content of the intestines.

There are also some herbal supplements that should be used for this situation. One of those is Senna, and it is actually an excellent laxative. The problem with Senna and similar products is in the fact that the intestines get used to help easily, so once the effect of the supplements is no longer present, constipation might return.

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