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Taking a closer look to this herb

Senna is the flowering plant which is, in fact, the umbrella term for the group of the similar herbs. Besides its many uses, such as for decorations and gardening, it has a lot of the more important uses in the homeopathy and medicine. Therefore, its leaf is most commonly used for making the natural and domestic remedies (and the drugs as well), but the root can be used too. Nevertheless, it could be as well found in the form of the supplements, or as the extracted very essence of it in the liquid form.

The qualities and the shortcomingsAt this point, it is crucially important to emphasize that the greatest and the most beneficial effect this herb has on the digestive tract, or to be more exact, it has been always used as the folk remedy for the very common problem of the blockage of the stool. Similarly, there is the remedy from this plant that successfully irrigates the colon. Moreover, this herb is very useful for improving the metabolism and for the detoxification of the organism.

These great effects are obtained because of certain substances in it, called glycosides, which, actually, improve the contractions of the muscles of the intestinal system. These muscles are required for passing the contents of the intestines through them. So, this is the most natural possible way of dealing with the impossibility to defecate. However, the tea based o this herb additionally reduces the stomach cramps and it is also suitable for the individuals who suffer from the hemorrhoids and the ones who recently had some surgical intervention of the anal area.

Nevertheless, the consumption of the Senna leaves comes along with some negative following effects on the organism, which are mostly tightly associated with the digestion, especially if the herb is in use for too long, that is, more than the period of 10 days. The most common problems are the too bland stool and the disability to control the urge for defecation, the increased perspiration, faintness, the cramping abdominal ache, the urge for throwing up and the itch and redness of the anus.

But, these all are not the permanent problems, unlike in the case of the other accompanying troubles, such as: the syndrome of having the lazy bowel (it is like the bowel created the addiction to the Senna leaves), the even worse and contrary case of the stool blockage (followed by the bloody discharge when defecating), the depletion of the water in the organism, the degeneration of the joints, the progressive slimming down from no apparent reason, the swollen fingers and toes, and so on.

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