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How to take care of health? This is actually easy, but easyin a domain of theory, because when it comes to execution, this is a problem for manypeople. And why is that? Because most of people are not able to get rid of badhabits, they are simply too comfortable. What are those? Bad eating habits andphysical inactivity for a start, and those are enough to cause some medicalproblems to a person.


Health status can be maintained with the help of exercisingand healthy eating. This is essential for keeping the levels of cholesterol,glucose in blood and triglycerides within a normal range. Also, some systems inthe organism are functioning much easier when normal eating is present (liver, kidneys,digestion tract etc.). Person in a good shape has strong muscles and performsall daily activities much easier spending less energy.

But, reaching that state is not easy. Healthy habits start withlifestyle changes and these changes must be executed if a person really wants tolive and be healthy. So, how does it start? First of all, a person shouldanalyze the condition of the body (exact weight, muscle to fat ratio,percentage of water, levels of glucose in the blood, blood pressure etc.). Thisis important for creating a good weight loss program. For example, a person whosuffers from extreme obesity should not start with some restrictive andrigorous diet. If a amount of food is drastically reduced, that mightdiscourage a person and quitting the program might happen. This tells us thathealthy and balanced eating should always be used and all nutrients must beincluded in a proper ratio. Of course, the total value of calories taken in during aday should be slightly reduced for activating the fat burning process. There shouldbe many meals in a day, at least 5, rich in fruits and vegetables. Poultry, tuna,low fat milk, whole grains, these should create some of the meals, while junk food and overeating are definitely not allowed!

Physical activity

A person who is trying to reach the healthy status shouldexercise at least couple of times in a week. This is a minimum for burning calories,although it is recommended to exercise each day, if possible. Cardio workoutshould be applied by those who need to burn fat, while muscle mass building issomething that should be done for toning and as a final stage in creating astrong and healthy organism.

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