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Senna tea facts

Information on Senna Tea

Senna tea is an herbal tea which involves the use of pods and leaves from the Senna plant. It is very popular because of its potent laxative properties but it can also be associated with certain side effects. It is also sometimes marketed as a product which is very efficient in aiding the process of weight loss and cleansing the colon among other things. Senna tea has been used as a laxative for numerous centuries and it is nowadays also commonly used as a constipation relief.

Senna is actually a genus of more than 260 species of flowering plants and they all come from the family called fabaceae. The most important of all those species is botanically referred to as senna alexandrina. It originates from Egypt and it is actually a shrub. The seed pods and the leaves are the parts which are used for numerous medicinal purposes.

They need to be dried before use. Senna alexandrina can also be used for numerous ornamental purposes as well. Senna tea involves the use of dried seed pods and leaves and it is characterized by a rather bitter taste. It has certain active ingredients which are very efficient in stimulating the colon and causing bowel movements.

One can purchase Senna tea in most well equipped health food stores but it can also be prepared at home. 8 ounces of boiling water and a 1 quarter teaspoon of Senna leaves are all that it takes. The leaves need to be steeped in the boiled water for a couple of minutes and the tea must be ingested while it is still warm. Senna can also be purchased in various other forms such as capsules, dried root, liquid extract and tablets.

Senna Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Senna tea is mainly used because of its potent laxative qualities and its active ingredient can also be found in numerous types of commercial laxatives. Those who suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation may find it very helpful. Senna tea should not be used for more than just one week in a continuous manner because it may lead to certain unwanted side effects.

The list of side effects that may be triggered by the Senna tea includes bloating, drug interactions, chronic diarrhea, colon discoloration, nausea, kidney damage, stomach cramps, liver damage, rectal irritation, laxative dependency and urine discoloration. Children and pregnant or breastfeeding women should steer clear of Senna tea.

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