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Exercising and rheumatoid arthritis

Generally speaking, a small number of people is aware of thebenefits of exercising and regular physical activity, and when it comes to thepatients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, the percentage of those whoexercise is even smaller. The truth is that there are exercising programs thatare created for people who suffer from this degenerative disease, and it is notwithout a good reason that doctors and specialists recommend them. Exercises donot increase pain in the joints, but they have completely opposite effect. If properexercises are done in the right way and regularly, then the person in questionwill definitely experience the signs of improvement. This means that pain and stiffnesswill be decreased significantly due to the stronger muscles, better strength ofthe bones and better mood in general. The range of motion will be increased aswell, the person will also maintain regular weight with the help of exercising,which means that the risks of putting on some weight will be minimized.

Exercises for rheumatoid arthritis

When it comes to the type of exercises which is the best forthose who suffer from this condition, stretching and strengthening exercisesare definitely the most important. The first type is important for betterflexibility, and it consists of very simple exercises. The second type mightinvolve weights, although it is not necessary. However, it is based onresistance training and it makes a person capable of more activity withoutfeeling pain. Aside from these two types, conditioning exercises can also beincluded, and their main purpose is to improve cardiovascular fitness. They affectthe heart and the blood vessels in a positive way, as well as the person’s moodand overall health. Besides, they prevent disability to a great extent, whichis of particular importance for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Any exerciseor physical activity that will make the heart pumping belongs to this group,but swimming and riding a bicycle are the most frequent choices. For all thosewho are not into regular exercising and the first two types of it, itis important to know that these activities can be beneficial even if they arethe only activity performed. They are definitely much better than physicalinactivity.

It is necessary to point out the importance of consulting adoctor or rheumatologist before deciding on jogging or heavy weight lifting,for example. Thanks to these activities, the joints suffer more stress, and notall the patients with rheumatoid arthritis should do them.

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