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Scratchy throat remedies

This throat problem is pretty common. It is not that dangerous but it can be annoying because people have problems when they need to swallow something. Fever may accompany a scratchy throat as well.Most of the time people just cough a lot and have that uneasy feeling an itchy throat provokes. However, there are cases when a person's throat will swell and he or she may have trouble with drinking and eating.In a majority of scratchy throat cases it is usually some kind of viral or bacterial infection or allergy that causes it. In other cases it is usually smoking, a strain of the vocal cords, a change in weather or a surgical procedure of the throat that may cause this disorder.In most cases a scratchy throat is not at all severe and a person can treat it with specific home remedies. However, if the case is severe it is recommended that a person looks for medical attention.This throat problem is a symptom that is associated with some other throat conditions. For instance a sore throat. If a person experiences a scratchy and burning feeling in his or her throat it can be assumed that he or she may be suffering from a sore throat because these are the symptoms of it. Apart from these two inconveniences, a person may experience fever, cough, discharge of mucus and headaches as well.

Scratchy throat remedies

When the illness is not that severe and there is no need to go to the hospital a person can treat a scratchy throat with a number of remedies that can be found in almost every home.For instance, people who had their tonsils removed say that gargling with saline water is the best way to ease the inconvenience. All that is needed is three cups of boiled water and four tablespoons of salt.Another good remedy is cough syrup. It will have an instant effect but should be taken before sleeping because lots of syrups cause drowsiness.Ginger and honey tea is an excellent choice as well. Adults can consume this tea three times per day while children should take only half a cup, no more than two times per day.Boiled milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder is said to be a good remedy because it does not treat only a sore throat but bronchitis, tonsillitis and a few more throat ailments as well.Medical attention
However, a person should go to the hospital if he or she has high fewer, blood in the saliva and especially if he or she has pain in the ears along with the sore throat.

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