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Scratchy voice causes

One of the main reasons a person is having a scratchy voice is shouting. People are known to have psychological problems like depression for instance if they have a scratchy or hoarse voice. A person will have problems to continue talking with his or her scratchy voice if the person who or she is talking to is embarrassed and the rest of the people are looking towards them.

Scratchy voice symptoms

One of the most common symptom is pain while talking. Other symptoms include inability to sing low and high notes. These symptoms are usually accompanied by a weak and tired sounding voice.

Generally speaking, a scratchy voice is a disorder which makes impossible for a person to speak normally and makes it hard for him or her to do so. In most cases a person will see the difference with the way his or her voice sounds and that will go away in a couple of days. However, if the problem is chronic a person may experience these inconveniences for a few months. Causes of scratchy voice

Cough is one of the most known causes of a scratchy voice because it can strain the vocal cords. Cough usually has an underlying cause like bronchitis for instance.

LaryngitisWhen the mucus membranes which line the larynx are inflamed that is a condition called laryngitis. Inflamed throat is a known cause of a scratchy voice.

AllergiesAllergies can cause an oversensitive response from the immune system which releases histamine. Histamine is a chemical that fights the allergens but it can provoke itching or swelling of the vocal cords. It is not uncommon for the muscle spasm of the vocal cords to occur because of it as well.

GERDGastroesophageal reflux disease can also be a a cause of a scratchy voice.

CancerLaryngeal cancer can also be a cause of a scratch voice. Apart from this cancer type, lung cancer can cause a person's voice to become scratchy because of the chronic coughing it provokes.

TobaccoA person who uses tobacco can end up with cancer. A person who chews tobacco is bound to end up with the cancer of the vocal cord or pharynx and a person who smokes might end up with lung cancer. Both of these cancer types are known causes of a scratchy voice. These are not all scratchy voice causes. Sinus drainage, substernal goitre, unilateral vocal cord paralysis, angioedema and hypothyroidism can cause it as well.

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