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Every person knows that in order to breathe properly, he or she needs to have his or her lungs working properly. Phlegm is a substance produced by the lungs in order for them to be protected from various infections and foreign particles. For instance, pollen and dust particles are some of the things that phlegm protects from entering the lungs. This way any infection can be prevented. In cases when phlegm becomes yellow or green, some foreign particles have passed through and caused an infection. Phlegm in the throat all the time means that the person is most likely suffering from some underlying condition. In such cases it is best that a person goes to the hospital so that the situation does not get any worse. Too much phlegm in the throat is usually quite irritating and a person will constantly clear his or her throat and cough. In most cases, the excessive phlegm remains in the throat for as long as it takes the infection to clear. However, in some cases, a person is in need of proper medication in order to get rid of the phlegm.

Excess phlegm in throat

Phlegm in the throat is a good thing because it protects the lungs from various foreign particles and infections. However, too much phlegm is not good and can be irritating. In some cases it is a symptom of some serious conditions. Apart from infections and allergies, constant phlegm in the throat can be caused by tonsils or strep throat for instance. Deviated septum can also cause excessive phlegm in the throat. Consumption of cold foods while a person is suffering from a cold or cough can only make the phlegm thicker. Pregnancy and consumption of certain birth control pills leads to nausea and nasal drip which results in excessive phlegm in the throat. Smoking is also one of the common causes of excessive phlegm in throat.

Home remedies for phlegm in throat

Every person wants to get rid of excessive phlegm as soon as possible. A lot of people immediately think of certain medications but these medications can sometimes just cause more problems. Apart from medications, there are certain home remedies that people have been using for years now and proved to be good in getting rid of the excessive mucus. Ginger is considered to be the best cure for cold and cough. A person can make a paste out of ginger, cinnamon and carnation. With a little water and honey it is an excellent remedy. Warm water with honey is good as well. Warm turmeric milk is considered to be a fine remedy as well.

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