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Common Cold

One of the most common diseases today is common cold and this is a disease that every person on the planet will surely experience at least once. Common cold causes sore throat, runny nose and cough and the cure for this disease is unknown for now, although this may surprise most of the people who are reading this article. The fact is that common cold cannot be treated completely and it will always stay with us. This is not so dangerous since it does not cause serious damage and harm to the human organism, but it can make our day harder and more frustrating. The diseases can be treated in most cases with the use of natural and medical remedies. We will talk about the homeopathic solutions for the common cold.

Homeopathic Remedies

The first remedy is made of onion and it is called Allium cepa. Once you eat this medicine, you will experience rawness in the throat and the discharge coming out from the nose, which are the common symptoms felt when we chop onions. Watering of the eyes may occur as well, along with the upper lip and nose irritation from the nasal discharge. This is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies and it will increase the onion cravings. Next remedy is Natrum muriaticum and it can be used for a thick nasal discharge, similar to the egg white. It can be used for cold sores caused by common cold as well, and the cracked and dry lips.

Thick, yellow-green and bland nasal discharge can be caused by a common cold and in this situation, you can find Pulsatilla helpful. This is a remedy commonly given for the common cold. Common cold experienced along with the yellow-green nasal discharge can be treated with the use of Kali bichromicum. This remedy is used for treating later stage of the common cold, which can be detected by the thick post nasal drip and pressure felt in the nose's base and the sinuses. Eucalyptus radiata oil comes from the tree with the same name and it has eucalyptol, which is an expectorant and decongestant.

You can benefit from the fumes from the boiling water in which you have previously put some Eucalyptus radiata oil. Put it in the room and the vapors will remove the cold and nasal congestion. Also you can rub the oil on the back and the chest before going to bed. You can make a remedy from the plantain leaf, which is an expectorant, and it can be beneficial for the congestion and common cold. This very effective remedy is made of a glass of boiling water in which you need to put two teaspoons of dried plantain leaves. Drink the water once it cools down. Temperament issues, like light or sound sensitivity and irritation, which are often experienced during the common cold, can be eliminated with the use of Nux vomica. Recurrent or persistent common cold can be treated with the Baryta carbonic, which can also treat lymph node inflammation and tonsils irritation. Choking cough, dry throat, chest tightness and dry and stuffy nose can be eliminated with the help from the Aconitum napellus.

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