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Flu is a pretty common health problem during the winter months. There are a lot of people who suffer from it every year. People need to know that flu is a viral disease that affects the respiratory system. A lot of people think that flu and cold are the same thing but that is not true. There are certain differences. For instance, cold develops gradually in a period of several days and usually starts with a scratchy throat and sneezing whereas flu occurs suddenly with a headache and some other body aches. In addition to this, a person suffering from flu will experience exhaustion and fatigue. Fever is common in both flu and cold but in case of flu the fever is always high. The cough is also different in cold than it is with flu. In case of cold, only the upper body will be affected while in case of flu the whole body is affected.

Symptoms of flu

There are some symptoms that are pretty common when flu is considered and they are fever, headache, sore throat, chills, eye pain, sneezing, running nose, tiredness, weakness and muscle ache. The symptoms usually last for couple of days but they can last for weeks in some cases.

Prevention and treatment of flu

The best way a person can prevent flu is to maintain a strong immune system by eating vegetables, fruits and whole foods. Drinking a lot of water is also important. However, in cases if a person suffers from flu, he or she should keep warm, rest a lot, consume warm fluids and plenty of water and intake a lot of foods rich in vitamin C.


Almost all people know that cough is a sudden explosion of air from the lungs. In almost all cases the cough occurs when there is something in the respiratory passage that should not be there. People should be aware that there are two types of cough and these are dry and wet cough.

Causes of cough

There are a lot of causes of cough and some of the most common are weather changes, inflammation of larynx or pharynx because of some bacterial infection or some irritation that was occurred due to smoke, dust or chemical fumes. Smoking, asthma, common cold or flu and even tumor can cause cough in some situations.

Home remedies for cough

Grape juice is a common remedy for cough, especially when taken with honey. If a person is suffering from dry cough, he or she should drink spinach juice. Drinking warm carrot juice helps as well. Apart from these, there are many other remedies for cough.

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