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Learn how to stop coughing with 10 home remedies

When a person coughs it is the body's reaction to something that he or she had breathed in and it is some kind of an illness or an impurity. However, when people cough they immediately look for some way to stop doing that. Coughing should be treated. In cases of severe coughing, people may experience irritation and even pain. Those are the main reasons why people want to stop coughing. It is usually the throat that hurts during the coughing but in some cases a person may experience even back pain. In most cases people cough because of allergies, asthma, viral infections, smoking cigarettes or if they are being exposed to dust or some chemicals. Coughing is just the body's reaction of getting rid of the mucus. In cases when a person is sick, he or she will also spread germs when he or she coughs. In those cases, people around the person who coughs may get infected. Most people look for some medications when they start coughing. However, they should know that there are some home remedies that may get rid of the problem.

Hot tea with lemon and honey

For a really long period of time people have been using this as a coughing remedy. Tea alone is good for irritations and the honey adds coating that will end the coughing.

Cinnamon and lime

Not a lot of people know about this remedy but it brings great results. In order to prepare this remedy a person needs to boil no more than two cinnamon sticks in a cup of lemon juice. This combination will cut down the excess phlegm and the vitamin C will boost a person's immune system.

Warm bath or shower

A hot shower is an excellent remedy because the steam will hydrate the throat passages. A person just needs to stand in the shower and take deep breaths.

Apple cider vinegar

Just a couple of teaspoons from this vinegar should be mixed with a glass of water and that will lessen the inflammation in the throat.


Drinking plenty of water helps in this situation because that way the throat passage will remain moist. Humidity

Sometimes, it is the dry air that causes the dry coughs. In that case, humidity helps. A person simply needs to heat some water in order to make a place more humid.


This remedy is not recommended for everyone. It is ok for people who have used natural oils before. The mixture should consist of 3 drops of eucalyptus oil, 2 drops of thyme oil and 2 teaspoons of soft or melted coconut oil. The mixture should be rubbed onto the chest.

Apart from these, a person can drink hot milk and honey, place a cool washcloth on the throat or chew some peppermint or ginger candy in order to get rid of the coughing.

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