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Dry skin can lead to a lot of discomfort in the individual who suffers from it. However, the condition is not necessarily serious, and there are plenty of supplements available that can help one with the combating of the condition. Often, hair and skin are the first parts of the body that can lead to indications of poor or decreasing health. Skin and hair normally reflect factors relevant to health, including that of the diet. Bad diet can be a primary cause of dry skin, so attention should certainly be paid to this aspect of our overall health. Dehydration and other skin problems can also be potential factors when it comes to the development of dry skin.
Dry skin and problems
Our bodies require water in order to function as properly as possible. Dehydration can lead to water being squeezed from the skin cells. As a result of this, the skin can become flaky, scaly, and dry. Problems such as this can be alleviated through the administration of certain nutritional supplements. These problems can be uncomfortable and unsightly for the individual who suffers from them.
Vitamin deficiency is often indicated by the presence of rough, scaly skin. This vitamin is vital with regard to fighting off wrinkles and other potential signs of aging or damaged skin. In addition to this, this nutrient can be great with regard to the proper hydration of the skin. One can find vitamin A in sources such as carrots. Vitamin E is also potentially beneficial for the skin. This is said to hold benefits with regard to anti aging properties. Skin cells can be moistened through the intake of this vitamin. Vitamin B is another vitamin that can hold great benefits for dry skin. Supplements containing thiamine, niacine, and riboflavin can be a good source of vitamin B.
Some herbal supplements can be used to treat dry skin. These herbs can normally be taken orally, or in the form of topical creams or medications. One such herbal supplement contains evening primrose oil. This is taken from the evening primrose flower. Another useful herbal supplement is sandalwood oil, which requires topical administration. Aloe vera, rose geranium, and mandarin are other potential herbal ingredients that can be used in supplements. There are also plenty of other supplements that can be used. Some people might choose antioxidant supplements, while others might employ the use of omega 3 essential fatty acid or cod liver oil capsules.

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