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Benefits in abundance

When it comes to energizers made from various herbs, they holdin them immense potentials. But this alone is not enough since, in order to getas much from them as possible, a person needs to be familiar with their background,as well as with their effects. The herbs in question are, in general, dividedinto two basic groups, i.e. the stimulants and adaptogens (commonly known astonics). When it comes to stimulants, it is a known fact that they do exactlywhat their name says – stimulate our body and the bodily functions andprocesses taking place inside. The way they achieve this is by increasing heartrate, blood pressure and respiration, as well as the rate of muscle fibercontractions. Some of the most popular and frequently employed stimulants,herbal in origin, are such as coca, ephedra, and licorice. As far as adaptogensare concerned, as well as the members of the ginseng family, they make our bodies more resilient to stressphysical in nature. Despite the fact that stimulants are more favored byexperts, especially those of the Western world, recorded cases in othercountries worldwide have proven that even adaptogens hold great potential whenit comes to boosting the athletes’ overall performance.

Strong drugs

Those herbs belonging to the group of stimulants in most casesconsist of alkaloids – extremely strong compounds that have in them nitrogen.Their main sources are considered to be plants. Alkaloids themselves affect theperson’s central nervous system in a similar fashion as codeine and morphine,for example, and that effect is exhibited through the increase of breathing andheart rate, followed by the increase in the rate of the blood pressure. Despitethe fact that they have great potential to boost your overall performance in anisolated race, in case they are used on a regular basis, they are going todo a person more harm than good, and if an athlete employs them in excess, theycan not only seriously harm him/her, or even cause death. Of all thestimulating alkaloids, caffeine is regarded as the strongest and most effectiveone. If used on a daily basis, be it in the form of coffee, tea, cola orguarana (herbal form), it can produce a fairly constant and more than moderateoverall effect. Among other herbs that are most frequently used, and in somecases used in excess, are such as kola nut, guarana, ephedra, coca leaves andkhat, each of them being endowed with a specific alkaloid unique to them.

To-be-on-the-safe-side stimulants

As for the stimulants that do not consist of alkaloids, but that are deemed quite effective, probably the best known is licorice.All the stimulating effect it has comes from glycyrrhizin, which is familiar tomost for the sweetening properties it has, as well as for containing various other biochemicals such as phenolics,flavonoids and glycosides. This herb is known to have the ability tostimulate a person’s adrenal cortex, thus extending the effect and functioning ofthe adrenal hormones. These are known to have a vital say when it comes toregulating our metabolisms.

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