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One of the methods used in the treatment of different conditions with the help of the natural products is called naturopathy. The basis of this method lies in the assumption that our body can heal by itself and if this function is increased, there will be no problems with diseases. Sea salt cleanse is one of the most known methods coming from naturopathy and it is used for various problems, like difficult bowel movements, problems with intestines, cold and increased blood pressure.
What is sea salt good for?
Our body is not capable to absorb or digest sea salt, so it helps to get rid of the harmful substances and microorganisms that are attacking our body. That actually means that sea salt helps in cleaning our intestinal tract and a person who suffers form any kind of digestive problems will feel much better after consuming sea salt. This salt is also good for women who experience irregular periods, because it can solve this problem. Sea salt provides salts that are essential for our body and that can easily be expelled by physical engagement, which is why sea salt cleansing is so healthy. During this process, we even get minerals that we need from the sea salt. There are other problems where sea salt can be very helpful. Sea salt is great for our digestive system and for raising energy levels, but it also helps in unclogging our sinuses. It can prevent heart palpitations from occurring and reduce aching in the muscles. Sea salt is used after piercing to prevent the inflammation of the pierced area, relieve the pain and help the wound to heal faster.
Sea salt cleanse recipe
You need a liter of moderately warm water and two teaspoons of sea salt. Mix sea salt in the water (you can even add lemon juice in this mixture if you don't like the taste) and drink it to clean your body. In cases of piercing, you should mix one cup of warm water and half a teaspoon of sea salt and put it on the pierced area.
Instructions on sea salt cleanse
It would be best to do sea salt cleanse in the morning before eating anything. The majority of people feel the effects of this process after two hours the most. Some sources claim that this should be done once in a week, while some other experts claim that sea salt cleanse should be done every day during the first seven days. You can do sea salt cleanse easily without any effort and you will feel much better.

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