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Pregnancy indicating hormone

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG for short, is a hormone which is quite naturally manufactured by our bodies. One extremely relevant fact about this hormone is that its presence in the female urine is the most straightforward indicator of pregnancy, i.e. its onset. In case of those women who are already pregnant, the hormone in question is excreted by way of placenta.

Aside from the aforementioned essentials, the hormone in question has reached the centre of public attention for its other inherent property. Namely, injections containing it have been found to aid significantly the process of weight loss. Furthermore, the injections in question are known to be employed together with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids for the purpose of initiating and boosting the growth of our muscles. On the downside, it has been revealed that these injections are not all that safe, thus they should be employed only if prescribed by an authorized medical representative, i.e. the person's official doctor. The main reason for this precautionary measure is that these injections have been discovered to bring about specific highly awkward and undesired, even perilous side effects.

Side effects revealed and discussed

Having their side effects in mind, these can involve quite a lot of complications on the side of the person injecting, or being injected with them. It is known that they have quite unfavorable implication when it comes to pregnancy. Namely, the HCG as such is employed as a part of infertility treatment due to its ovulation stimulating characteristics.

Once it finds its way inside the person's body, it begins producing effects in the form of providing a boost to the ovaries, so they could produce greater quantities of eggs. And this in turn, further increases the chance of an egg being fertilized and pregnancy induced. In case multiple eggs get fertilized, the end result comes in the form of multiple pregnancies. And it is important here to point out to one potential downside of the HCG. Namely, it is known to directly lead to twins, triplets, quadruplets and in certain cases, even more newborns in just one single pregnancy. In other cases, HCG is also known to have the potential to be the main causer of ectopic pregnancy – the onset of fetal development takes place in fallopian tubes instead of in the uterus. The nature of this condition also marks it as fatal, thus immediate medical intervention is required.

Other undesired ill effects also include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, various digestive disorders, premature puberty in the members of the male population, Gynecomastia etc.

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