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Performance boosting characteristics of the anabolic steroids, as well as the fact that the many bodybuilders have employed them to a great extent, especially during the 1970s and the 1980s (and did so with extremely favorable results) is what has made them become so immensely popular and sought for by the athletes especially. When having prohormones in mind, it is necessary to know that they are predecessors of hormones. Also, once taken into the body, they immediately transform into the anabolic hormones. Prohormones, as such, have been employed by the bodybuilders for the purpose of building up on their lean body mass. When confronted with steroids, there are numerous people who will stand behind prohormones and vouch for their effectiveness and favorable results, but there are also people who will say exactly the same for steroids. Both of these supplements are claimed to have the ability to boost the person’s overall performance, as well as the size of their muscles. As for steroids, they are known to be produced naturally by our bodies, as well as that they play a significant role in enhancing the growth and the overall development of the body. Given the fact that, just as it is the case with many growth supplements there are certain side effects that can occur, one of the best ways to avoid them is by employing the techniques of stacking and pyramiding. The former refers to the consuming of the supplements in an oral manner and also by means of injection, which is thought to enhance their effectiveness significantly. The latter technique refers to the consuming of the supplements for 4-6 weeks, which is then interrupted for a particular period of time prior to retaking them again.


Prohormones are the substances that, once taken into the body, start to interact with the enzymes of the liver and soon after transform into anabolic hormones. The anabolic hormones in question are also known under the name of anabolic steroids, and can be reimbursed by means of anabolic steroid supplements, which marks the main difference between them and the steroids, i.e. the fact that the effectiveness of the prohormones directly depends upon the body enzymes. The substances in question are compounds that are synthetically produced and are employed by the bodybuilders looking to increase their muscle mass


Steroids are generally divided in two “types”, that being the corticosteroids and the anabolic steroids. As for the former, they are usually prescribed in cases where there is a necessity to bring the present inflammation under control, while the latter are employed in the form of supplements by numerous bodybuilders in order to speed up and boost the muscle mass enhancement, as well as to boost their overall bodybuilding performance. When it comes to their medical usage, they are most often prescribed for the treatment of such severe illnesses as cancer, as well as AIDS. Other benefits for which they are often employed is their potential to give strength to the bones and also to enhance the production of testosterones, which is known to bring about puberty in males. Side effects include the appearance of acne, insomnia and intensive hair loss.

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