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The vitamin shots in question, as their name indicates, are employed in the process of remedying the vitamin B deficiency related manifestations and conditions. The vitamin in question embodies eight distinct vitamins belonging to the category of vitamins that are easily dissolved in water. And this is an extremely important characteristic, especially when it comes to keeping the good health and balanced functioning of the person’s metabolism, and maintaining an overall good health as well. The previously mentioned eight-vitamin group incorporates the following vitamins – B1 (i.e. thiamine), B2 (i.e. riboflavin), B3 (i.e. niacin), B5 (i.e. pantothenic acid), B6 (i.e. pyridoxine), B7 (i.e. biotin), B9 (i.e. folic acid) and B12 (i.e. cobalamin).

Deficiency implications

In case a person is deficient in some(or the greatest majority) of these extremely important nutrients, this can result in the occurrence of quite a number of health related problems such as anemia, depression, pellagra beriberi etc. The deficiency itself is brought about by improper diet and intake of these nutrients, or due to hindered absorption. Regarded as fairly rich sources of vitamin B are such as meat, beans, lentils, potatoes, fish, milk, molasses, eggs, nuts and whole-grain cereals. Therefore, if a person makes these food varieties a part of his/her daily diet, the deficiency can most certainly be evaded. In order to further complement the vitamin B rich food varieties, a person might need to take various supplements as well, especially when it comes to deficiency due to the lack of vitamin B12. Considered to be the best source for this vitamin are food varieties coming from animals. Given the fact that plants are not rich in this vitamin, vegetarians might find themselves at an increased risk of deficiency.

B shots and advantages

In the light of all that has been said, especially regarding the supplements, the vitamin B shot is also the one to turn to in case of a deficiency. Its main benefit is the fact that it is administered into the bloodstream straight away. This is, of course, not the case with supplements oral in nature, since quite a significant amount of them is excreted from the system by way of urine, given that they are water soluble. And this is something that is avoided by shots. Elderly people are the ones who can benefit from this characteristic the most, given that in old age B12 vitamin absorption faculty has the tendency to diminish. In addition, vitamin B3 is known to possess the ability to aid the body in metabolizing the food far better and efficient, as well as boost the overall health of the nerves and the gastrointestinal tract.

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