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Of all negative effects of consuming salt, most of them areassociated with refined table salt because it basically consists of sodiumchloride with some types of additives. Himalayan salt is the most beneficial ofall unrefined types of salt and it has been known for its positive propertiesfor many centuries.

Life force is not material in its nature, but the latestadvanced technologies have managed to quantify correlates that exist in amaterial form and they are some sort of an extension of life force and they provideknowledge on how life force works beyond matter. All human being are electricalbeings as well since all the processes in life have something to do withelectricity.

Nerve impulses are governed by the electric potential and theenergy that human body uses is the product of electricity in the mitochondria ofthe cells. The type of electrical charge of ions in the human body determinesif they are detrimental of beneficial in their nature. Ionic minerals that arecontained in everyone’s daily diet can be neutral, healthy or unhealthy.

Free radicals are known for causing a lot of damage to thehuman body and causing degenerative diseases and premature aging. They areimbalanced molecules and they steal electrons from various sources in the humanbody in order to remain balanced but by doing so they cause a lot of damage.When a cell membrane loses an electron to a free radical it becomes rancid andstops functioning.

Substances with antioxidant properties give their spareelectrons to free radicals and stops them from causing so much damage. Mostantioxidant substances work specifically in certain areas of the body.Himalayan salt is the only substance with antioxidant properties that works inall the areas in the human body. It is also very beneficial in enhancing theefficiency of other antioxidant substances ingested into the body.

Negative ions in the air are very beneficial for one’soverall health. They are efficient in improving immune functions, mentalclarity, decreasing the occurrence of allergic reactions and enhancing the humanbody’s self-healing capabilities. Negative ions increase lung protectionand make a person less vulnerable to various respiratory diseases.

There aremany sources of air polluted with positive ions that are potentially harmful tothe lungs and it may ultimately affect the entire human body.

Himalayan saltcontains significant amounts of negative ions. The conclusion is that Himalayansalt is one of the most beneficial substances that can be consumed regularly.

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