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Acne mostly strike people during their teenage years. However, the problem for some is that they do not always clear once people become older. Both older people and those in their teenage years face various problems with acne but both need to know that there are plenty of treatments that will help them solve their problems.

The root of the problem

In order to properly get rid of acne a person needs to find the actual cause of the problem. On the other hand, it is very important that a person knows what things do not cause acne to show up. People with acne have heard all sorts of stories on how it is best to treat acne. However, the problem is that not all stories are true and not all treatments help everyone because people are different. There are various myths about acne that people believe in.

The myths

Most people have heard that tanning gets rid of acne and that is one of the most common myths. Lots of people benefit from the tanning because the redness is then less visible but the problem is still present. Tanning can only cause more problems if the person overdoes it.

Another very common myth is that consuming chocolate, fried and greasy foods causes acne outbreaks. Various researches have proved that there is no connection between acne and diet.

In order to lessen the amount of outbreaks a person should wash his or her face more often. This is another myth that people believe in. The washing will get rid of dirt, dry skin and oil but it will also remove essential oils and can make the skin too dry and irritated. The irritation itself will not cause acne but an irritated skin takes more time to heal. It is important not to wash the face too often and let the oils do their work.

Many people think that popping a pimple is a good idea but in fact while doing so there is a chance that the bacteria will be pushed even deeper into the skin. When that happens the skin will take more time to heal and the surrounding area will become red and irritated.

Some people believe that by not wearing makeup and not shaving so often they will reduce the chance of getting acne. People with acne are allowed to use products as long as they do not clog the pores. These are not all the myths about acne breakouts but are the most common.

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