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Information on Whiteheads

There are a lot of people who suffer from acne, blemishesand pimples on their face and most of them usually try different methods ofgetting rid of whiteheads. All those medical conditions may occur during theperson’s teenage year but they may also appear later on in adulthood. Somepeople consider acne as a very embarrassing thing, because they may compromisethe person’s visual appeal at times when the person wants to look her or hisbest. Whiteheads cannot be removed in a quick way.

Removal of Whiteheads

If a person suffers from acne, seeing a dermatologist isprobably the best way to go. Dermatologists are specialists for all differentkinds of skin conditions and they are usually the only ones who can provide thebest solution for whiteheads, acne, pimples and blemishes. Most people dealwith whiteheads by popping the blemish but it may lead to certain problematicmedical conditions. Popping a large blemish which has no visible whitehead canbe a very painful experience at it may also trigger certain types of bacterialinfections.

It is then very easy for different types of bacteria to spreadunder the skin and lead to the formation of even more blemishes on the skinsurface. Popping a whitehead may also be associated with scarring because ofexcessive amounts of pressure applied to the blemish.

Another problemaffiliated with such situations is the fact that there are plenty of bacteria underthe fingernails which can easily infect the blemish once it gets punctured.Even after washing the hands thoroughly there will always be some bacteria leftunder the fingernails. Some people even go that far and use a needle forpuncturing the blemishes but unfortunately that is not a good idea eitherbecause it may also lead to bacterial infections and scarring.

Proper Treatment

Whitehead is an indication of a skin pore infected bycertain types of bacteria. Dermatologists usually prescribe specific types ofmedications for the treatment of acne. They may be in the form of a cream orperhaps a face wash. They are very efficient in preventing the occurrence ofacne. Dermatologist may also remove the whitehead by making a small incisionand draining the blemish. That kind of procedure is not affiliated with thepossibility of scarring or bacterial infections.

One may also leave some of thechemical peels to relieve the problems caused by acne and whiteheads andrejuvenate the skin surface. Sometimes dermatologists use lasers for thetreatment of acne.

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