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Media, magazines, celebrity pictures that have been airbrushed show us a picture of perfect skin with no trace of a blemish to be seen. These images are extremely difficult for the average person to live up to; however, the most will try. It is a fact that everyone at some point in their life will get a blemish or two, and most will suffer from quite a few.

Acne Facts

The breakout of acne happens to nearly everyone. There are hardly any people living in today’s society that have such a healthy lifestyle that they can produce the natural components which fight off acne. Even if you feel you are cleaning your face correctly and eating a healthy diet you probably have noticed the odd breakout or two. The market has dozens of remedies that usually are rather expensive, so you can see below for some of the remedies you can try in your own home for the treatment of acne. Home Remedies for the Treatment of Acne

It is a known fact that if you pop a pimple you will cause an outbreak. As well as causing an outbreak you may also cause a scar to appear and make it look worse than before you popped it. An old remedy that your parents probably used is to cleanse your face and then put on a little baby powder, this is done to dry out the pimple. Another home remedy you could try is to use tea tree or lavender oil on the concerned area. These particular types of oils are recognized for their ability to kill bacteria, help acne restore their health quicker and assist in reducing scarring. There are a few people that will recommend using lemon juice on the afflicted area, however, this cannot be scientifically backed up. If you did not resist the feeling to pop a pimple then apply alcohol to the area straight away to dry it up. An old remedy is to put lime juice on the area for quarter of an hour after which it can be washed off. A well known house hold remedy for pimples is rose water as this will take down the swelling. Rose water is an analgesic which of cause helps to reduce pain. Lastly, some people consider consuming a small amount of honey combined with rose water every day will work as a long-term acne fighting answer.

Pimple Popping

If you are adamant to pop those pimples then you need to stream your face first as this will help to set a perimeter the spread of bacteria.

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