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Pimples are the most present skin problem among people. Almost all of us had at least one or two pimples in our lives. Young people and teenagers usually suffer more from pimples due to their turbulent hormones. However, it is not unusual that adults also have them from time to time somewhere on their body. Pimples can appear anywhere but often they emerge on the face, back and neck. Home remedies can help you combat these unattractive marks. However, the advice given proved efficient with people who have only few pimples here and there. If you suffer from a serious problem with pimples, you should visit your dermatologist.

The most important thing to do is not to touch your face. It is highly important not to touch or squeeze the pimple with your hands especially if it is not ready to come out yet. There are bacteria under the pimple and by touching or squeezing it you can spread the infection. Moreover, you can make scarring by squeezing the pimple in an improper way. Only if you see the puss coming out of the pimple you can perform a gentle procedure of eliminating it. Before starting to do anything it is essential to wash hands thoroughly and to wash your face and clean it with a lotion too. In this way, you will make sure that you removed all the germs from your hands and face. Take a cotton pad or a piece of gauze and soak it in alcohol. Clean your fingers and the area around the pimple with alcohol too. Take a sewing needle that is very thin and also clean it with alcohol. Gently remove the top of the pimple using the sterile needle. Take two cotton pads or a gauze and gently pop the pimple until you see that the whole puss is out. The lymph and a little bit of blood will follow the puss. You need to soak the pad once again in alcohol and clean the pimple in order to destroy any remaining bacteria. In order to get rid of redness you can apply an antibacterial concealer. Aloe vera gel has soothing effect for a skin so you can try to soothe the redness with it too.

There are some pimple removing products that can also be helpful. One of them is called Zeno. It has anti-bacterial property and thus it removes the bacteria from the pimple and at the same dries it. After this treatment your skin should renew by itself now that the germs are no longer there.

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