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Some of us snap the fingers of the right hand, some of us use scissors with their left hand. Weird? Not, if you are left handed! In that case it is perfectly normal.

It is not only the hand that differentiates us

There is an explanation that science has tried to provide. It goes like this – people whom we call right handed are dominated by the left cerebral hemisphere, while the right side of the brain is the one in charge with left handed people. Now, the left part of one’s brain is said to be responsible for the rational processes. Also, the left-hand side is the one that to reacts to oral commands, deals with matters in a logical and sequential manner, tries to compare things in search for dissimilarities, exhibits the qualities of being schemed and systematically arranged. People who are right handed usually prefer multiple choice testing.

The dominant right

When we look at the statistics, we discover that some 85 to 90 percent have their right hand as the dominant one. So, that is around nine tenths. The phenomenon of left handedness hasn’t been always treated as it is today. It is true that nowadays most devices are designed to suit the needs of right handed people, but some time ago left handed kids were having a hard time in schools since they were required to write with their right hand, with the rest of the right handed children.

The free left

Then, there are people who are left handed, with specific peculiarities about the functioning of their brain. For example, what sets them apart from right handed people, according to some scientific explanations, is their inclination to discuss their emotions. Also, many people perceive left handed individuals as having strong charisma and being sociable, fun-seeking and active. You will frequently see them take up painting or do other creative things.

The statistic surveys show that between 10 and 13 percent of all people are left handed. Also, what is interesting is that men are three times as likely to have their right hand as their dominant hand than women. Although the question why some people are right or left handed remains a mystery, there is a theory which suggests that left handedness might be a result of an injury obtained during the process of birth. It states that perhaps a baby is exposed to increased levels of testosterone in such a situation and that it might cause the left side of the brain to receive more cells during the formation.

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