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The concept of the brain’s bipolarity developed during the 1960’s. This concept relies on a discovery that the brain has to different modes of functioning. The human brain is divided into the two distinct cerebral hemispheres that may seem to be similar but they have completely different functions.

Right brain versus Left brain

The right side of our brains is associated with visual and it processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way. People who are more right-brain-orientated tend to look at the whole picture first and then notice the details. They are more intuitive, subjective, and have a strong feeling for holistic synthesizing.

On the other hand, the left side of the brain is more verbal and left-brain-orientated people are usually more analytical with a strong logical capabilities. These people tend to look at the details and sequentially put the pieces together forming a whole picture. These people are more rational, analytical and objective.

People actually use both parts of the brain but for some individuals one part of the brain is dominant over the other. However, certain portion of people is “whole-brained” and they almost equally use both brain hemispheres. Developing the overlapping synergy of both left and brain functions is the best possible way to boost one’s inner potentials and make an individual efficient in a great majority of tasks. Right brain exercises, suggested in this article, are composed to help people who have more left-brain predominate personality, to develop their inner potential.Right brain exercises

These right brain games are equally good for children and adults. They are created to develop imaginative thinking and boost the creativity within an individual. Creativity is extremely important both in everyday and professional life, as it may help to develop fresh solutions and view things from a completely different perspective.

Painting and sketching are fun and extremely good for developing visual skills. A piece of paper, pencil or crayons are sufficient to start painting portraits, landscapes or anything else that seems to be interesting.

Playing music and singing is not just a relaxing activity, but may also boost one’s mind and give a rise to creativity.

Different sport games are also great right brain stimulants because they demand a lot of visualization. When we perform a sport activity, we tend to picture the strategy in our mind and carry it out on the sports field.

Telling or writing one’s own story is one of the best right-brain games. Highly challenging but amazingly interesting and creative activity will probably help one to discover new and surprising things about him.

Other great exercises include map reading games, visit to an art gallery, and theater games.

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