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The Brain

The brain is the major organ in the body. It is the center of the nervous system. The brain controls everything we do, even when we sleep. The brain is divided into two halves or hemispheres. Both hemispheres have different functions. Generally, the left half of the brain controls right side of the body while the right hemisphere of the brain is in charge of left side of the body. Left side of the brain is related to logical thinking and right side of the brain is associated with intuitive thinking.

Left Brain HemisphereMany people are dominated by left side of the brain. Left side of the brain is responsible for understanding and use of language (speaking, writing, listening and reading), detailed analysis of information and understanding of mathematical concepts. People who mainly use left side of the brain can easily comprehend details of the subject, analyze the subject and come up to rational conclusion. Right side of the brain controls judging the position of things in space, understanding and remembering things we do and see and putting bits of information together to make an entire picture. Right brained people are focused more on the visual aspect and they are lead by intuition.

Functions of the Left Brain Hemisphere.As, it was already mentioned, left side of the brain controls right side of the body. If you are right-handed, that means that you mainly use left side of the brain. On the other hand, left handed people are primarily controlled by their right side of the brain. It applies to eyes as well. The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right eye while the eye on the left side of our body is in command of the right side of the brain.

If the left side of the brain dominates, you have a tendency to use logic and expand your knowledge. You are practical and understand how things work. Also, you probably like to plan in advance and avoid taking risks. Additionally, you are most likely gifted for accounting, engineering and law.

Damage to the Left Side of the BrainAny injure or damage to the left brain can have adverse effect on the right side of the body. Since the left hemisphere is important for all forms of communication, damage to left brain can cause problems with speaking. Complex movements of the mouth may also be restricted as well as of the hands and arms. That can lead to difficulty with writing. Problems with analyzing and memorizing can also occur due to left side brain damage.

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