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The arms and the hands are our very important parts of the body since they enable easy performing of many daily activities. They are connected by the wrist joint, which is very flexible since it can move in any direction, up, down and to the sides. Furthermore, it is very strong also. However, sometimes the joint may become stiff and painful and when it occurs in the left arm, it is called left wrist pain. Left wrist pain can be, sometimes, very severe and a person with this disorder cannot perform any activity with left arm or hand.

Causes of left wrist pain

The most common symptoms that accompany pain in the left wrist are swelling and numbness, as well as tingling sensation and itching. All these symptoms usually tend to spread to the whole hand, to the palm and all five fingers.

In the majority of cases, carpal tunnel syndrome is responsible for the occurrence of the pain in the left wrist. The structure of wrist is very complex. It is made of eight carpel bones with many ligaments and nerves, and these eight bones form the carpal tunnel. In the middle of this tunnel, median nerve passes and in case when this nerve becomes compressed, the pain occurs. Carpal tunnel syndrome usually occurs when the left hand is more used than the right. Many people who are left-handed may develop this pain.DeQuervain's tendonitis is another condition that can cause the pain in the left wrist. This is a condition marked by the inflammation of the tendons near the thumb, and it usually appears when one single motion of the wrist is repeated many times. Therefore, the guitarists and golfers are at high risk to develop tendonitis and pain in the left wrist as well.The left wrist pain may be induced by an injury. When we fall, first what we do is stretching the hands and fall on them in order to protect the body. Thus, the wrist can be easily hurt or fractured.Furthermore, ligament damage, wrist sprain or wrist strain are also some of the causes of the pain in the wrist.The wrist joint can be also affected by arthritis. In such case, the pain in the wrist is accompanied by swelling. When the lining of the joint is worn out due to many reasons, the pain may appear. In most cases, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are responsible for the occurrence of pain in the wrist.

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