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The human brain is divided in two spheres – the left and right. These separate chambers perform and respond to a different functions and stimuli. One part of brain usually works better for each particular individual so for example, if one is right-brained, that means it will perform certain functions, related to right part of the brain, better than the others. Let us find out, what are the right brain functions.

Controlling function

The function of controlling the left side of the body is considered the first right brain function. This means that right-brained people more commonly use their left hand and move their left foot forward instinctively. However, this does not seem to be true. There is a lot of evidence that shows that right-brained people may more commonly use their right side of the body, as well.

Feelings and intuition

Right-brained people seem to avoid thinking in logical patterns. They more commonly rely on their inner feelings and instinct. That is why they usually think in an unconventional way and come out with fresh and interesting, out of the box, approaches. Left-brained people, however, seem to be more rational and do not rely too much on personal beliefs unless they are already proven.

Holistic View

Right-brained persons usually do not pay too much attention to details. They rather understand and view things as a whole, in the big picture. Left brained people are usually much more precise and have an eye for fine details.

Gesturing and Synthesizing

Right-brained people usually have more problems with verbal expressions so they use many gestures to lay emphasis on their points. Left-brained people communicate far better and they do not feel the need to make gestures.

On the other hand, right-brained people have this special kind of social skill that helps them understand situations more deeply. For example, right-brained people usually pay attention to “how” people say something, so it may be obvious to them if someone is trying to conceal something in conversation. Again, left-brained people just stick to the facts and usually miss out the whole “social background” of the circumstance.


Right-brain person collects memories as pictures. They have a strong visual memory and they are more imaginative. They also make associations with unrelated pictures. It is because the right side of the brain is better in creating images.

Organizational Skills

The inability to spot logical patterns in situations and events may be the main reason for which right-brained people usually lack organizational skills.

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