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Tingling in Left Hand

The unusual sensation of tingling left hand can be irritatingfor some people. This condition is caused due to the poor blood circulation,problems with muscles or nerves, or some other health problem, and it is usually described as pins and needles either in some part of the hand, or inthe entire hand. People who experience tingling in their left hand shouldconsult a doctor about the problem.


Various conditions can cause tingling left hand. Some of themmay be really serious with dangerous consequences, and some of them may not beharmful. Either way, you shouldn`t neglect the symptoms.

One of the most commonly found causes is triggered bydamaging the median nerve due to some constant pressure to the arm or injury.It is called the carpal tunnel syndrome and it is usually seen in computerworkers, sportsmen and musicians. Pregnant women can also suffer from tinglingleft hand due to the carpal tunnel syndrome.Pressing the peripheral nerves that stretch themselvesfrom the spinal column to the limbs in the left hand causes the tingling in the lefthand. The peripheral nerves can get pressed due to the trauma or injury causedby arthritis, cervical bone spurs, herniated disc or cervical spine.Reynaud`s disease is the condition that is caused due to thenarrowed blood vessels and reduced blood flow in the left hand. This conditioncan actually affect other parts of the body besides left hand, and it oftenoccurs due to some kind of a stress or low temperatures.The next cause of tingling left hand is rather serious andit shows signs that it is possible for a person to have a stroke in the future.This condition is called transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as mini-stroke.Stroke is also one of the life-threatening conditions andits symptoms should not be neglected. Such symptoms include difficulty inspeech, visual problems, loss of the sense in the left arm, etc. Stroke is evokedby the insufficient supply of the blood to the brain. If the lack of the bloodsupply happens in the right side of the brain, then the main symptom is tinglingleft hand.Alcoholics and people suffering from diabetes can alsoexperience tingling left hand. Deficiency of vitamins, underactive thyroidproblem, side effects of certain medicines, or ganglion cysts could also be someof the causes of this condition.


In cases the sensation of tingling left hand is followed byany of the symptoms of stroke, you should immediately visit a doctor as thiscondition tends to be really dangerous. However, if you have tingling left armdue to some other cause, MRI and X-ray scans can determine the cause of yourproblem. Sometimes, you would need physical therapy, injections or medicines tohelp you bring down the pain if present. Surgery is the option in case of the damaged nerve.

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