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Some believe that just by looking at someone’s behavior you can tell which side of his or her brain is dominant and more commonly used. This might be true, because scientists and doctors know for a very long time there are special characteristics of each side of the brain. So, someone using his or her left side of the brain will definitively be different than someone who uses right side of the brain more often.

Difference Between Left and Right Handed People

To be clear, the right and left side of the brain are structures of the brain, also known as hemispheres of the brain’s cortex. In the past, left handed people are considered inferior to right handed, but this was merely because of the difference. People could see there is something different about left handed people and they didn’t know exactly what. Modern science proved that these people use the right part (hemisphere) of the central nervous system and therefore think and act differently than those writing with their right hand and using predominantly left side of the brain.Famous Left Handed People

There were many famous people in the past that used their right hemisphere of the brain more than their left side. All of them were left handed and exhibit right brain characteristics. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin were all left handed. Bobby Fisher is also someone who used his right hemisphere of the brain, as well as famous musicians like Bach, Paul McCartney or even Jimi Hendrix.

What is Different when Using Right Brain?

Cerebral cortex is something no other animal have, only people. This part of the brain is responsible for collection and integration of information of the sense organs, control of motor functions of the body and emotions and storage of human memory. Thinking and emotions control are considered as the most important roles of cerebral cortex.

Right hemisphere of the brain is known to be specialized in insight, music, spatial aptitude as well as recognition of faces.

Insight or intuition allows us to identify patterns while receiving information and draw some conclusion based on them, although they might not have been complete. Therefore, many right sided people seem to be always one step in front of all others, with the help of their intuition. Also, these people are much better when it comes to conclusions based on their feeling and visual perception.

Musical skill one has or doesn’t have depends on the side of the brain he or she uses. As we already mentioned, many extremely talented musicians used right side of their brain. In learning, people who use their right side of the brain use visual and audio images. This might be problematic in school and some of them could be identified as “slow’ learners, although all they need are some images. Even Albert Einstein had such problems. These people easily identify words with images and find solutions for mathematic problems instantly, without step by step process, but can be easily bored with routine and rules.

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