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If you are interestedabout facts related to left-handed people, read this text and you will find outmore about them. Left-handed people are the individuals who use their left handto perform any task they have. There are about 10% of people who areleft-handed and it is not considered to be a disability. These people just findit more comfortable using left hand than the right one. Also, there are moremen that are left-handed than women.

Interesting facts

We still do not know forsure what the causes for left hand preference are. It is assumed that heritagecan be one of those reasons, since parents who are left-handed have childrenwith the same preference. There are also other facts that can have influence onthis phenomenon such as high testosterone levels in mother during pregnancy,birth trauma and physical conditioning.


Since nerve paths arecrossed in the brain, our left hand of the brain controls right part of thebody and vice versa. That means that if the right side of the brain isdominant, a person will be left-handed. The right hemisphere is responsible forcreativity, since the centers for art, music and all creative intelligence arelocated there. This is why it is believed that people who are left-handed aremore creative than right-handed and there is much evidence in the real lifethat confirms this belief. Many artists are actually left-handed.


There are some familieswhose members are usually left-handed, but we didn't discover a gene that isresponsible for this phenomenon. This is only a hypothesis because there aresituations where parents are right-handed but their child is left-handed, andvice versa. So we cannot claim that the genes are responsible for thepreference of the left hand.

Life expectancy

In the past some,researches showed that left-handed people live about nine years shorter thanthe right handed. However, recent studies showed that that is not true, butalso revealed that left handed individuals are more prone to develop someproblems with the stomach. There are also some interesting facts aboutleft-handedness such as facts with twins. When there are twins, there are morechances that one of the twins will be left-handed, while another will beright-handed. It is also shown that those who are left-handed will more likelydevelop dyslexia if forced to use their right hand. Left handed individualswill enter the puberty four to five months earlier than right handed.

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