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Pain in any of shoulders and arms can be caused by many reasons. People who suffer from it may additionally experience numbness along the arm and fingers. One may have strained some of the arm muscles, which can easily lead to pain. However, if such pain does not subside for a long period of time, a person should consult a doctor immediately as this can lead to various medical complications.

My Arm Hurts all the Way up to the Shoulder

There are many underlying causes of the pain in the arm and the associated pain in the shoulder. The condition of inflamed sac that is filled with fluid is called bursitis. The sac is located between the skin and tendon, or between the upper arm bone and tendon. Bursitis can easily cause the pain in the shoulder area and down the arm. Stiffness of the ligaments, muscles or tendons are also blamed for arm and shoulder pain. This is typically seen in patients suffering from frozen shoulder.

Another cause of the pain in the shoulder and arm is the inflammation of the tendons. Injuries of any kind and overuse of the arm and shoulder muscles are commonly blamed for the occurrence of pain in these areas.Furthermore, thoracic outlet syndrome is one more potential cause of such pain. It is, apart from shoulder and arm pain, characterized by pain in the neck as well as numbness or tingling of the fingers and sometimes weak grip.Finally, pain that occurs in the shoulder and then spreads down the arm, especially if it is located to the left part of the body may indicate a heart attack. Being familiar with this fact drives many people to their doctors immediately when they experience such pain because most of them are actually convinced they are having myocardial infarction.

Arm Pain in Women

As far as women and men are concerned, there is no difference regarding causes of pain in the shoulder and along the arm. Namely, conditions which cause such pain in men are actually the same in women.Injuries, strains, sprains, inadequate lifting of heavy objects all may cause damage to different tissues such as bones, joints, muscle, tendons etc. Their inflammation is a reason being the pain in the shoulder and down the arm.

It is logical that pain affects more the right side of the body because of the fact that more people are right-handed and they actually use their right hand while performing almost every activity. This should be taken into consideration once the pain starts.What is more, statistically, not so many people suffering from pain in the shoulder and along the arm are having a heart attack. Such information is of additional help and may calm down the affected individual. Nevertheless, women experiencing the pain in the aforementioned areas are due to consult their health care providers if the pain is strictly limited to the left side of the body (particularly if they are right-handed), is severe and relentless in nature, also occurs in the middle of the chest and additionally radiates towards the jaw or is accompanied by chills, profuse perspiration and palpitations.Possible Treatment Options for Arm and Shoulder Pain

No matter what the underlying cause of arm and shoulder pain is, one is advised to rest the painful area as much as possible and try to avoid performing any strenuous activities which may only cause aggravation of pain. So, by restraining the affected arm, one may speed up the healing process and prevent additional complications.As far as inflammation and injuries are concerned, patients are most commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs which deal with both, the pain and inflammation of the damaged tissues. Prior to taking any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs, inflammation may subside after the injured area is treated with ice packs or cold compresses. These should be applied repeatedly, several times per day.During the recovery one can also benefit from specific exercises prescribed by a well experienced physical therapist. Consultation with this expert will provide with information regarding how repeated injuries and recurrent pain can be prevented.If the pain lingers, becomes severe and even more intensive, one need to seek professional help and undergo thorough examination and testing. This particularly refers to all patients who may be experiencing radiating pain associated with heart attack. They require prompt hospitalization and immediate medical attention.

As for prevention, such pain may be many times avoided if one does not include the arm and the shoulder area in vigorous and sudden movements and even while working out pays more attention not to put too much pressure on these body parts.All in all, pain in the arm and shoulder (affecting the right or the left side) should be taken seriously and must never be neglected. With timely treatment most underlying causes of such state of affairs are curable and easily brought under control. So, do no hesitate and consult your health care provider in order to receive proper treatment.

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