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Human brain

The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is very complex organ whose main role is to coordinate and control all the activities in the body. The human brain is the essential part of the nervous system. The longitudinal fissure in the brain separates it into two hemispheres: the left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere. The human brain is an amazing organ, which particularly reflects in the fact that the right brain hemisphere has the role to control the left body side, while the left brain hemisphere controls the right side of the body. These two brain hemispheres almost look the same but they differ from each other in the way in which they are processing the information.

Left brain hemisphere

Left brain hemisphere is responsible for the logical and rational thinking. On the other side, right side of the brain is responsible for the creative and intuitive thinking. Almost every person has one side of the brain dominance. The both sides of the brain have different methods for the solving the same problem.

Characteristics of the left brain hemisphere

The centers of writing, reading, and speaking, as well as memory, are located in our left brain hemisphere. Therefore, the left side of the brain is considered to be the analytic part of the brain due to which we think rationally and logically. When a problem is presented, the left brain hemisphere tends to solve it linearly and sequentially in a systematic manner. Due to this characteristic, the people with left brain hemisphere dominance are good planners and list makers. Furthermore, the left brained people use logic to process the information and do not rely on emotion and intuition.

One more characteristics of the left brained people is that they are skeptical towards anything new, such as a new idea, for example. They are very good at processing different types of signals and memorizing things because the centers of writing, reading and memory are in the left part of the brain. Furthermore, people who have left brain dominance are good at verbalizing themselves, as well at writing, since the centers of speech and hearing are in the left brain hemisphere. One of the characteristics of the left brained people is that they follow the existing rules, and in case there are no rules, they make their one rules and then follow them completely.

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