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People have different emotions and moods, which can changevery quickly. Emotions can make our lives a bit harder, but they bring along somany interesting things. The loss of a family member or a friend will trigger emotionof grief, but on the other side, while we strike a goal, we feel happy. There are many other emotions wecan feel, like contentment that we tend to feel when we are safe. In some situation, we may feel that the whole world is pressing on our fragile bodies, but there isa solution for this problem. We can use the massage with hot stones, which willpick our spirit up and make our minds clearer.


Improvement of emotions greatly depends on the realization how emotions arecreated. Emotions start from the brain and not the heart, as some may think.The control center for human actions is located in the brain. System of nerved,spinal cord and brain are what makes up our nervous system. Our body isconnected with the brain by the braches of nerves, which are coming out fromthe spinal cord. The nerves are practically wires that transmit the vibrations to and fromthe brain to other body areas. This will also occur when we use the massagewith the hot stones.The main part of the emotions is the brain and it acts as the headquarters forthis process. The brain is divided in two parts; hearing and seeing skills are the responsibilitiesof the right part, while the information analysis is done by the left part ofthe brain. The lower area of the brain is place from where vibrations are sentto the cerebral cortex located in the brain, and this is how emotions arecreated. Emotions and reactions are managed by this process, which further means that we deal with theemotions due to the cerebral cortex. It helps us to interpret emotions and makea connection with the memories from the past.

Sending Right Signals

Tension, stress, pain and exhaustion can be treated with therapeutic massages.Also, to this list we can add logical thinking deficiency, depression, problemswith creativity and anxiety. Therapeutic massage activates the nerve ending inhuman bodies and this sends the signals to the brain via nerves and spinalcord. The information received is than processed and conclusion is made. Nerveendings will than receive the conclusion. An extra message will be sent if we makea link with this conclusion and the one from the past.

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