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Any person writes at least a few words a day. Given that writing is necessary in many aspects of life, journaling can greatly enhance and facilitate daily life. Writing everyday events is a very old tradition practiced by the Japanese in the 10th century. Throughout history, many famous people have kept a diary which today provides important informations to humanity.

There are numerous scientific studies dealing with the impact of journaling on human health. Some of these studies have shown that recording impressions of the stressful situations actually reduces the impact of these events on mental health. Quite logically, the less stress increases the number of T-cell boosting immunity. Other studies have confirmed that regular journaling can even lead to alleviation of symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

The positive effect of writing can be described as follows. In the course of writing, the left - the rational and analytical brain hemisphere employs, freeing the right hemisphere to feel, create and react. It removes all the mental blockages that create tension, the brain is relaxed and left to intuition.

If the person feels confused about his/her thoughts and feelings, his/her record will be something like a conversation with himself/herself while will get a much clearer picture of the current mental state. Writing daily events will allow the person to know better own character and determine what people and situations aren’t good for her/him so could avoid them in the future.

If a person goes through situations that causes a feeling of depression, lethargy, sadness, anger, rage and aggression, writing down these emotions reduces their intensity.

Although the problems are usually solved by detailed analysis and rational reasoning, it is sometimes better to let intuition to deal with it. Journaling creates an opportunity for this way of solving problems.

Journaling contribute significantly to the improvement of relations with others. Writing down facts about disagreements allows insight into the reasons for their creation, which allows the journalist to better examine themselves and others and to avoid conflicts in future.

Keeping a diary improves emotional development and maturation of individuals. Because, when there are new problems that appear unsolvable, the person can always remind of previous similar situations. So, he/she can avoid the mistakes of the past and much easier troubleshoot an existing problem.

In writing a diary there is no strictly specified rules. Even better, it should forget about spelling and punctuation so the right side of the brain as soon as possible could be unblocked. To journaling should approach totally relaxed, without censorship because diary can tolerate all. Therefore it can be said that the diary may become man's best friend. Also, it is necessary to provide privacy so journaling could be as efficient as possible.

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