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Here we will tell you some interesting facts about brain in general and about one particular part of the brain called corpus callosum.

Brain structure

Although it may seem that we know everything about how brain functions, that is far from the truth. Brain is still very enigmatic area for all scientists, but there are few facts that are discovered and we can tell you something about that. First of all, our brain consists of two hemispheres and they are responsible for different functions. Right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity and intuition, while, the left one is responsible for analytical and rational thinking. Also, the right hemisphere is regulating the left side of the body and the left one is in charge of the right side of the body. These two hemispheres are connected through corpus callosum, which is a specific part of the brain that allows these two hemispheres to communicate with each other.

What is corpus callosum?

Corpus callosum consists of nerve fibers and is placed on the longitudinal fissure, under the cerebral cortex. There are three parts of corpus callosum: genu (the front part), splenium (the bottom part) and truncus (located between these two parts). Scientists found out that genu, also called anterior portion of corpus callosum, is 11% bigger in those individuals who are left handed, then in those who have right lateralization.

Function of corpus callosum in the brain

The essential assignment of corpus callosum is to allow the two hemispheres to communicate. Because two hemispheres have completely different functions and responsibilities, they have to have something that will join these functions together, so that our brain could function properly as one organ. Corpus callosum is actually connecting these functions into one, carrying information from one hemisphere to another and vice versa. It is also responsible for lateralization of the brain, which means that it determines which side of the body will be preferred. Eye movements are regulated and coherent due to fast action of corpus callosum.

All of these facts can show you how important and significant are functions of corpus callosum. If corpus callosum is accidentally injured or harmed in any way, it can cause serious consequences to our body functions. Depending on what part of corpus callosum is affected, we can expect different consequences. If a connection with the right hemisphere is damaged, it will cause malfunctions in the right hemisphere and the same goes for the left part of the brain. Corpus callosum is protected by both hemispheres and that is what makes it less prone to damages, but even so, damages are possible.

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