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Alistar was unstoppable. With nothing but magic resistancearmor on him and full health bar, he literally torn apart the enemy nexus towerin the matter of seconds. In that moment, the enemy’s off tank, Sion and mage Ryzespawned and attacked with their full force. But everything they threw at themighty Minotaur was simply not enough. High magic resistance countered the APfrom both enemies, anti CC items easily dealt with stuns reducing theirdurations to minimum. And after a couple of seconds, when the third enemy, theshadow assassin Akali, showed and attacked with her ultimate skill, Alistarfinally started feeling some pain. The only thing that couldsave the beast was his own ultimate and two seconds later, it came fromcooldown. The summoner pressed R on the keyboard and for the next couple ofseconds all damage that went on Alistar went down to minimum, enough for amighty bull to destroy the last piece of the enemy’s nexus and to bring the victoryto his team.

All that was left was for summoners was to say GG (goodgame) to each other, to look at the stats of the match and to go to the game’slobby and enter the queue for another game again, another glorious victory orshameful defeat.

The game

This is one of the most popular online arcade/actiongames today. This is a simple game that allows making teams of three or fivepeople and then engaging the enemy team. So, what is the actual satisfaction behindall this?

Well, it must be said that the video gaming industryprogressed tremendously since the first commodore and ZX spectrum entered thehomes of people who are now in their forties, or even fifties. From that pointup until today, video games have become so much more than just something fun andinteresting. A social aspect of arcade online games, or any other online games,can be watched from two sides. One side says that it improved social skills ofpeople of all ages, because now they are able to communicate with people fromall around the world, which is something that was not imaginable before. But the otherside says that, while a person is communicating with someone across the globe,he or she is not even seeing people in their physical vicinity. It is alsoimportant to say that people can relieve stress by playing online arcade games.How is that possible? Well, it might be better to fight Sion, Ryze and Akali ina virtual arena and to get rid of all negative energy than to point that sameenergy to family, friends etc.

Of course, there has to be a limit of playing – always. Itis really nice to talk to someone from another continent while eliminatingvirtual enemy together, but it must not affect RL (real life) relations. If thathappens, then all those virtual victories will be worth nothing.

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