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One of the ways to get your kids to enjoy in healthy food is by coming up with the ways to incorporate food in activities that are most favorite to them, such as various food related games. For all this to work the way it is supposed to, most essential is to indirectly “persuade” your child, or children, to become active participants in those games. This is one of the surest ways to have your children see the healthy foods – fruits and vegetables, as their friends, rather than enemies.

Game 1 – Rainbow Challenge

This game is specially centered round increasing your children’s fondness of colors and bringing it to another more satisfying level. The first step is to pay a friendly visit to your favorite grocery store or market place, together with your children of course, and dare them to find and opt for the kind of food, i.e. vegetables, which they find most colorful and thus most appealing. But you would want to put a limit to the quantity of vegetables they can choose from, otherwise your wallet may suffer a bit.

Once home, get yourself down to business. Since one of the most favorite children’s activity is painting and playing a chef, you should give your children each a piece of a pancake, or tortilla, which will serve as a painting or cook’s “canvas”, and tell them to use all the vegetables they have chosen to “paint” on it. Then instruct your children to put in effort and make the richest in color and imaginative dish they can come up with, using any technique they like. Once they are finished, put these in an oven and later enjoy together these culinary specialties.

Challenge Game – Guess which vegetable it is

The first step to take is to cut various vegetables into pieces that can be readily eaten. The choice is yours – raw or cooked, but pay attention and opt for vegetables which you know your children are fond of. Once this is done, put blindfolds on each of them and give them one by one vegetable. Child who has the most correct answers is the winner. As a prize you can make a tasty vegetable dish and organize a victory celebration dinner, for example. For this purpose, the vegetables which are most colorful rich are surely the best choice, so make sure to choose among: Cucumbers, Carrots, Cherry tomatoes, Beets, Radishes, Bell peppers, Snow peas.

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