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There have been numerous negative claims about video games since their very beginning. Namely, although some claim that they have many benefits, others deny those, convicting video games for the sin of being the greatest cause of children being overweight and in poor physical condition. While the attitudes remain divided, video games progress in order to solve this issue, introducing a new brand of entertainment which involves the player physically in an exercise-like manner.

Play to Stay Fit

One of the greatest achievements when it comes to gaming consoles which promote physical activity is the world-wide popular Nintendo Wii. This console stands apart from the others because of the fact that most of the games you can play on it demand your bodily movement, especially arms and legs, since you hold the controller in your hand. Numerous sports-simulation games as well as many other provide the child or the grown-up numerous fun while ensuring they stay fit and in good condition, rather than sitting countless hours in front of the screen.

Nowadays, even trainers recommend this console to the children training a certain sport. Many sport clubs have completely implemented Nintendo Wii into their working system and have all the additional home training blended with the console itself.

Who Is It For and Is It Enough?

Firstly, these types of consoles and games, as well as the whole gaming strategy and plans, were meant for children because of the ever-present question of obese, young and video-game addicts. Nintendo Wii was meant to solve this problem by involving children physically like no other game before.

Secondly, researches have been conducted in order to see whether the level of physical activity this console provides is sufficient. It has been proven that this type of video-exercising has all the qualities necessary for being an excellent means of improving and maintaining one's physical fitness.

Also, since the number of the possible wireless controllers is more than the usual two, the whole family may participate and organize their daily schedule so that they have that important exercising while having fun and spending that valuable time together. This fact broadens the border originally set since nowadays, people of all ages enjoy these means of healthy entertainment, the numbers rising every day.

Additionally, many obese children would be ashamed of exercising in public fitness centers or gyms, especially adolescents. Therefore, this provides them a private exercising system with proven effects and if video games made them gain fat before, these will surely act as an excellent remedy.

Of course, as with any other activity, moderation is the key to success. That being said, do not overdo it and enjoy gaming while getting and staying fit while having fun.

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