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What happens when aperson sits in front of a TV screen and plays video games for hours? And yes,there are snacks and sodas at hand, available to help our gamer at any givenmoment, satisfying another of his senses. The answer is obvious – obesity willstrike our gamer hard at one point, the point from which will be hard to returnto the realm of normal weight gamers. So, what can be done? The answer is easyagain – play Wii!

Game console

There has been anongoing war between PC and console lovers. It has to be admitted that PC usershave always been in disadvantage because game consoles were made for gamingonly, with breathtaking graphics and gaming accessories. Things have started tochange with internet becoming easily available and with the expansion of onlinegaming. This is where PC users gained the upper hand, until internet connectionhas become a standard function of all modern game consoles. So, for a while,there was no winner, until Wii came one day.


It can be said that WiiNintendo console is a spark that will burst into the volcano erupting at onepoint. The point of this big fuss is in the remote controller. Simply put,it senses the motions of the person who holds it and translates it intomovements in a game on a screen. Now, this is something no PC or any other gameconsole has. The only problem is that developing games for this feature is noteasy and it takes a serious production and a good team of programmers. Still,this is something that will point other gaming consoles and PC manufacturersinto a direction of innovating and discovering something new.

So, back to our gamerfrom the start, all that he needs to do is put the junk food in junk and getWii! Not only that he (or she) will do his (or her) favorite activity, but itwill also help with some weight reduction. So far, the choice of games is notthat big, but it is slowly growing. Some of the titles using the remote Wiicontroller to its fullest are Marble Saga Kororinpa, Medal of Honor Heroes 2,Okami, etc. As said, there will be more weight loss games for Wii in time tocome, which will have only that role, reduction of excessive pounds, withmaking our gamer move as much as possible in order to reach the next level,eliminate the boos, save the prices, become a king etc.

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