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The following text will talk about the Chakras and the waythey function. Man's Yogic Energetic model has a center piece and that is Chakra, which whentranslated, stands for wheel. This is basically a Multi-Dimensional EnergyVortex and acts as a bridge that connects many dimensions, which care constituentsof a human. Human being is made of 4 bodies and they are causal, mental,astral and psychic body. Astral body is the location where Chakras are placedand they are responsible for moving energy from one body to another. Physical body's etheric double can be represented as an astral body. It is responsiblefor carrying the life energy, called life force, chi or prana, and has manycomplex channels, called nadis. Chakras are located here and they come invarious health, which is influenced by the quantity and quality of the lifeenergy passing trough them. These energy vortexes, or Chakras, are responsiblefor balancing and opening life energy flow.

There are seven Chakras and theyare located in the region going from the top of the head until the base, alongthe spine. Specific physical regions are controlled by certain Chakras, basedon their location. Some personality and emotional traits will also be in controlby the Chakras. The effect of rejuvenation and higher quality of emotions canbe achieved if Chakra is provided with certain amount of life energy and ifChakra is activated in the correct way.


There are seven Chakras and the first to mention is Mooladhara, which is locatedat the perineum and which influences fear, physical security and excretory systems.As you can see, there is an emotional or personal influence and physicalinfluence of the Chakra. Next is the Swadhisthaha Chakra, which is located atthe spine's base and it is responsible for the creativity and self-expression,which is emotional and personal influence, and sexual system, which isphysical. Manipura Chakra is located at the solar plexus and influences anger,willpower and digestive systems. Anahata is located at the center area of thechest and influences love, respiratory and circulatory systems. Fifth Chakraand Vishuddhi Chakra is located at the throat and influences the communication,speech and auditory systems, while Ajna Chakra is located in the head center andaligned with the forehead center. It influences intuition, eyes and perception.The last Chakra is Sahasrara and it is located at the top area of the head, influencing bliss, nervous system and the brain.

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