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Permanent redness of the face orrosacea, is an illness which mostly affects men from 30 to 60 yearsof age. As the name itself suggests, this illness expresses itselfthrough redness of certain parts of one's face. In most cases theseparts consider those which are usually known to be prone to blushingsuch as one's nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Causes of this skindisorders are not completely known yet, but there is a strong chancethat it may be caused by the bacteria on our face and our skin.However other factors such as smoking, being overweight, havingcertain cardiovascular problems, stress and anxiety as well asconsumption of spicy food may be a possible cause of rosacea. It ismore visible, and thereby more present with people who have a lightercomplexion.

One of the main symptoms is theflushing itself. In the beginning of rosacea, the redness comes andgoes. However, in later stadiums, or after a certain period ofappearing and disappearing, it usually stays as a permanent featureof one's face. In some, severe cases of this illness, reddened partsof the face are known to permanently swell and thus visibly increasein size, especially nose and the cheeks. Also, this illness, in someof its forms, may cause blood vessels usually hidden within the skinto be visible. Eye irritations and redness of the eyes may alsoaccompany this disease as a symptom.

Although rosacea is irreversible, itcan still be stopped from advancing and potentially getting worse. Alaser operation is known to remove the visible blood vessels andnumerous types of plastic surgery may correct and restore the swollenparts of one's face. However, there are less extreme paths one maytake in order to slow down or stop the processing of this illness.First of all, one should consult a doctor who will, afterrunning various tests and identifying the type of bacteria which maybe causing the redness, prescribe an adequate treatment. Sometimes,changing one's lifestyle may be enough. Quiting smoking, alcoholconsumption, or the intake of any other substances causing theredness may do. Women may stop using makeup which contains chemicalsthat irritate the skin. Alcohol based deodorants or any cosmeticsshould be avoided since alcohol thickens the blood vessels.Furthermore, staying out of direct exposure to the sun as much as youcan will surely help stopping rosacea. Ointments and creamscontaining certain antibiotics are an excellent thing to be used.

Finally, simply avoiding spicy food youliked so much might do the trick.

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