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AlcoholAbuse Symptoms

Alcoholabuse can have far reaching consequences and affects those around theabuser more than they think. Most abusers will exhibit fairly obvioussymptoms of alcohol abuse that those around them can recognise. Whenit is determined or theorised that someone is abusing alcohol, theirloved ones and friends should confront them about their problembefore they do serious harm to themselves or others.

Thesesymptoms can be grouped into two categories: physical and mental.Physical symptoms are more readily noticed by the abusers themselves,although some outward indications could be apparent to others.Physical symptoms include developing a large tolerance to alcohol,undue weight loss, facial redness, nausea or vomiting or evennumbness of the extremities. These are all minor physical alterationsin the person, but can lead to much more severe health problems.

Mentalsymptoms are, surprisingly, easier to identify in an abuser. Suchsymptoms include difficulty sleeping or resting, irritability,uncharacteristic unwillingness to socialise, overly exposed emotions,truancy from school or work and, of course, inability to refusealcoholic drinks.

Usevs. Abuse

Thereis obviously a difference between simply using alcohol and abusingit. The line between the two is fairly vague, however, and can easilybe crossed without noticing. If the alcohol consumption is impactinga person's day to day life, it has become a problem. Someone whosimply drinks a lot on occasion, but is otherwise unaffected and doesnot display the need to constantly drink should be fine.

Recognisingthe above symptoms in oneself can be difficult, but once they aredetermined, there is help available. Alcoholics Anonymous is anorganisation specialised in helping alcoholics overcome theiraddictive problem. They have counsellors that help, through the useof specific programs of activities, to slowly wean abusers off oftheir addictions. They can also help people who may know an abuser torecognise the symptoms and get help.

Effectsof Alcohol Abuse

Extendedperiods of alcohol abuse can lead to many severe health issues. Theseinclude liver disease or cirrhosis, esophagus, throat, larynx orliver cancer, brain damage and immune system issues. Extensivealcohol consumption impairs motor controls and brain functions andcan cause serious injury or even death when the abuser attempts todrive a motorised vehicle. Not only does alcohol abuse degrade one'shealth, but also their social life, career and education and can evenland them in jail.

Medicalprofessionals can give advice to help abusers with their problem, aswell as suggest other sources of more direct treatment. They willgenerally be more concerned with the abuser's physical health, whilemeetings, seminars and support groups like AA will help alleviate theabuser's mental issues.

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