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Drinking Alcohol

Many people suffer from the alcoholism. This disease does not only lead to physical and mental addiction but it also causes damage to numerous organs and organ systems, interferes in social contacts and destroys families. Many people start drinking occasionally and this habit becomes more frequent so they do not even notice they have become addicted. In spite or general awareness of all the dangers related to alcohol consumption the number of alcoholics still increases.

Common Facts about Alcohol Consumption

It may sound disturbing but around two thirds of the American adults declared they are consuming alcohol. 10 % of them have different problems which originate from alcohol consumption. The problems are mostly social, psychological or even medical. These people are highly likely to become addicted.

The problem with drinking may first start in college where a student considers drinking an integral part of their social life. They believe that alcohol can give you joy, eliminate stress, inhibitions and tension. Heavy drinking at this age typically leads to lost school hours, weak performance at the exams, fights and car accidents. The major problem is connected to car accidents. Namely, alcohol is the main culprit for deaths due to car accidents in people between the age of 15 and 24.

Alcohol consumption, particularly chronic alcohol consumption, leads to a variety of medical conditions. Some of them are high sanguine pressure, vascular cerebral stroke, cirrhosis and many cancers including mouth, throat and stomach cancer. Alcoholics may also suffer from depression. In pregnant women consumption of alcohol may induce problems with fetal development and these women are additionally susceptible to spontaneous abortions and premature births. There is also increased chance of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Additional Facts Related to Alcohol Consumption

There are certain cultural differences when it comes to alcohol consumption. Namely, people of Taiwan and China tend to drink less. This is explained by the absence of an enzyme which eliminates alcohol from the body. People with this defect are not supposed to drink since drinking may cause increased redness of their faces and heart palpitations. Furthermore, Confucianism is another reason why people in Asia tend not to consume alcohol. On the other side, alcoholism is one of the most frequent disorders in the USA.

Numerous studies have shown that men are more prone to alcoholism comparing to women. There may be slight differences in some cultures. Additionally, younger people drink more than elderly persons and they become alcoholics rather easily. And finally, people who have problems at work or at home may sometimes search for consolation if alcohol which may eventually result in alcoholism.

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