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Passive Aggressive PersonalityCharacteristics

This is quite a serious personalitydisorder which affects both the one suffering from it and the peoplearound this person. Namely, passive aggressive behavior is muchdifferent than plain aggressive behavior. While the latter is clearlynoticeable through the actions of the aggressive person, the latterremains hidden behind a facade of different emotions. Thus, passiveaggressive people may harm you and cause you problems constantly,while, at the same time, pretending to be your friends. Passiveaggressive people may go so far that they themselves are not aware oftheir negative actions towards people they hold a grudge against. Allin all, these are difficult people. If you want to know more aboutthem and their way of conduct, read on.

Behavioral Facts of Passive AggressivePeople

First of all, these people do notexpress their thoughts and feeling. Rather, they keep these tothemselves, while presenting something completely different to theoutside world. They are prone to forgetting only to be able to hurtpeople they do not like. Thus, a passive aggressive person may forgetyour birthday or to provide you with something he/she promised, onpurpose, of course.

These types of people never expresse anger and keep it inside. Also, these people are incapable offeeling guilt and always tend to blame other factors or people fortheir mistakes, making themselves innocent victims in the process.These people need other people and tend to get close to them, while,paradoxically, constantly denying their dependency on them. Theyrarely form intimate relationships and hide their emotionsconstantly. Upon getting too close to someone, like a lover, they arebound to distance them away. Passive aggressive people, especially inmarriage, tend to promise something and then never, or only after alonger period of time, keep their promises. Finally, they do notrespect deadlines, but expect other people to do so.

Passive Aggressive People andRelationships

People with this personality disorderoften cling onto people who can tolerate them or people with lowself-esteem. They consider these people their victims and startpassively abusing them. Thus, lies, broken promises, manipulations,lack of emotions and self centrism are just some of the things aspouse or a person close to a passive aggressive one is bound tofeel. Once confronting a passive aggressive person you must becareful not to attack his/her personality. One-on-one confrontationsare the best in these cases. Also, make sure you are taking it oneflaw at a time. Express your emotions and your feelings, but do nothold back and react to all of the attacks this person may return.Limit the argument and make sure you state all your criticismstraightforwardly. Unless this person decides to open him/herself andacknowledge the mistakes he/she made, the partner will always be theused and abused one since, once deciding to use you; these peoplewill rarely feel sorry for it. On the contrary, you will be there forthem, as a tool of their self praise.

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