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Introduction to split personality disorders

Split personality disorder is a mental illness in which a person experiences having the several different personalities within the same body and mind.

These personalities are often referred to as alter egos and they all have different personal characteristics and behavior patterns, including Differing mannerisms, perceptions and interactions with other people and the environment in general.

These personalities can be different people, who are different in age, gender, and every other way. They usually refer to themselves with different names as well.

Sometimes the personalities will share characteristics that are similar with other personalities in the host body, but in other cases, they will not even know that other personalities exist within them.

There are two general types, borderline split personality disorders and full-on split personality disorders, and the symptoms for each may vary. Borderline split personality disorder symptoms

A BPD is a condition in which the person has serious trouble in establishing stable relations with others and has a general instability with their self-image and emotions.

Some of the symptoms of this disorder include acting impulsively, for example, driving recklessly, binge eating and drinking, having unprotected sex and spending enormous amounts of money foolishly.

People who suffer from this disorder will also have problems with sustaining a stable self-image and they will doubt their personality often times.

They often have issues with abandonment and tend to have problems with relationships, seeming bipolar at times, going between hot and cold spells in the relationship they have, hating their partner one minute and loving them the next.

These people also are prone to having suicidal thoughts and often inflict pain on themselves by burning or cutting themselves.

They go through frequent and very severe mood swings, that can last days even.

These people tend to have anger management problems as well and often have panic attacks and fits of paranoia without reason.

Split personality disorder symptoms

People with this disorder will feel like their body is not their own and will feel like they are having an out-of-body experience and can observe themselves from outside their bodies.

They also suffer from something called realization, which is when a person sees the environment they are in as being unreal. They sometimes see almost psychedelic visions, such as objects changing shapes and sizes and might even have a difficult time recognizing friends and family.

They also commonly have amnesia and often report gaps in their memory, which usually are times in which another personality was controlling the body, and they often cannot remember what they were doing at that time.

People with this disorder can also get very angry and suffer from hallucinations as well. Their mood swings will also be very aggressive and sudden.

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