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How many times have we been witnesses of the narcissistic behavior? In this article, we will give you some of the examples of typical narcissistic behavior. How does a narcissistic person look like? This world if full of people who think highly about themselves, don’t care about someone else’s feelings, and live in the world of their own. Their main trait is that they love only themselves and nothing and nobody else. Their only goal is to posses as much money as they can, power and authority. But, you shouldn’t look down on them, as they suffer from a mental disorder known under the name of narcissistic personality disorder.

Examples of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

People suffering from this type of disorder don’t posses emotions of empathy and their main trait is the need of admiration. This kind of behavior isn’t socially accepted in nowadays society and therefore, they can’t emerge into the community. In the following examples, we will try to reveal what is going on in their minds so that you can understand what is happening inside of them.

Example #1

This example of narcissistic behavior shows that narcissistic person always complains of others, believes that he/she is of vital importance for his/her family or a working place. In his/her eyes the only positive character is he/she, always seen as a star. But, you can’t see that, unless you visit his/her home and listen to his/her complaining about everybody else except him/her.

Example #2

This type of narcissistic person lives in their own fantasies and in them they are in charge with all the power, luxury and happiness in their hands.

Example #3

This narcissistic person desires the admiration from other people and wants to be adored, complimented and flattered. These people like to listen that they are better than others, and that everything that they do is the best possible.

Example #4

Narcissist looks down with despise on everyone who doesn’t have any money and n his opinion, people who are middle class shouldn’t even exist on this planet.

Example #5

They want to be always the first, and the others should follow them. They expect a special treatment by other people and if their wishes aren’t fulfilled, their reaction can be sudden and strong agitation.

Through these examples you can see how narcissistic behavior is manifested. If you have recognized someone close to you in these examples, you should recommend psychotherapy sessions so that the person in question realizes the problem and minimizes it as much as possible.

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