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Passive Smoking Extremely Dangerous

All people, smokers and non-smokers are aware of the fact that smoking is extremely bad for health. However, many do not realize how bad it is for the health of the other. Namely, people who do not smoke, but, nevertheless, spend large quantities of time surrounded by smokers, inhale the smoke they exhale, thus suffering the same consequences as if they themselves were cigarette consumers. Subsequently, passive smokers are in danger of developing the very same diseases which smokers are prone to, regardless of their desire to live healthy. Researches have shown that the second hand smoke is just as bad as the one directly inhaled from a cigarette. Thus, non-smokers who live with smokers, people who work in places where smoking is allowed and many other people who dislike cigarettes may end up getting sick or even dying from them.

Symptoms and Side-effects of Passive Smoking

It is important to know that not so serious symptoms may lead to severe ones if left neglected. In the beginning, those who inhale smoke of others, may feel nauseous, have a sore throat or a headache. Also, coughing and eye irritation, as well as nose or ear infections may take place. However, as mentioned above these are just a start.

Long term exposure to second hand smoke may have much more severe negative effects upon one's health. Bronchitis, asthma or even pneumonia may be developed in passive smokers. Moreover, lung cancer, high blood pressure and even tuberculosis add on to the list. Worst case scenarios involve numerous heart, brain, and vascular diseases, even cancers and tumors.

Children Also Endangered

It is not a secret that children have much less strong immune systems than adults. Therefore, they can be more easily affected by passive smoking coming form their parents' unhealthy habit. Thus, children exposed to second hand smoke may develop asthma, bronchitis, numerous infections as well as allergies. Finally, those who cannot restrain from smoking even when with child should realize that their, or their partner's habit may cause the fetus to die, be born prematurely or with defects. Also, mothers who smoke may not be able to breastfeed their babies since smoking reduces milk production.

Means of Protection

The best way of protecting both yourself and the people you love is to make them stop smoking. The risk is simply too big, both for those who do not even smoke and for those who enjoy it passionately. Nowadays, in many countries, smoking is prohibited in public places and this step saves more lives than we can imagine. However, many should stop this habit instead of going out for a smoke since their lives are at stake as well. All in all, quitting is the best medicine, both for you and your loved ones.

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