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There are a lot of people all over the world who experience hair loss problems. It is considered to be normal for a lot of people as they get old. However, there are more and more people of young age that experience this problem. This is the main reason why so many young people are interested in finding a solution to this problem.

Who is responsible for hair loss

First of all, people should know that they should blame themselves for hair loss and not someone else. The main reasons why people lose hair are because of their negligence and lack of knowledge. Hair is an important part of a person’s look and lots of people feel devastated when they lose hair. This is why people should get to know the reasons for hair loss at young age, so that they can fight them and keep the hair.

Reasons for hair loss at young age in men

It is a known fact that men are more affected by hair loss than women. However, women should know that they can also be affected by it. The most common cause of hair loss in young men is a hereditary one. Apart from that, young people may also experience hair loss due to certain illnesses and vitamin or mineral deficiencies. A certain disorder known as thyroid gland disorder is also known to be the reason for hair loss at young age. A person who is exposed to chemicals and toxic substances also risks suffering from hair loss. Apart from these, experts agree that reasons like a serious injury or illness, excessive emotional stress and severe bleeding can also lead to hair loss at young age. Alopecia areata is a disease known to cause hair loss but this disease usually clears after a period of six months or a year. Inheritance also plays an important role in male baldness.

Reasons for hair loss at young age in women

Women can also suffer from hair loss at young age, even though these cases are rare. Certain reasons like bodily disorders, poor quality of food and certain medications are probably the ones that occur most often. Apart from these reasons, women should know that there are some others like infections, excessive consumption of certain drugs and inheritance of particular gene. Pregnancy is also known to cause hair loss in many cases. This occurs due to excessive falling of estrogen levels in women. Stress is another cause of hair loss.

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